Who could take part?

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Every clinical trial has a list of qualifications (called eligibility criteria) that people must meet to be able to join the trial. Find out if the FREEDOM-3 clinical trial might be a good fit for you by answering a few questions.


We are looking for up to 18 recipient and donor pairs to take part. You may be eligible if:

You are between 18 and 69 years old
You are willing to take part in the trial for about five years
Your dcSSc has affected your lungs, kidneys, or heart
You have received or are currently receiving at least one immunosuppressive medicine to treat your dcSSc
You have a donor who is also willing and eligible to take part*

*Your donor may be related to you (e.g., a biological child, sibling, cousin), but they do not have to be. All donors must be willing to donate peripheral blood stem cells and meet other eligibility criteria to participate. If you need help finding a donor, please reach out to the study team for assistance.

Both recipients and donors will undergo testing to confirm that they are a compatible match for the stem cell transplant.

Other study criteria apply. The study team will discuss these with you.

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Models pictured are not actual participants
in the FREEDOM-3 trial.